doing good here on earth

We know we have a responsibility to help face society's greatest challenges. That's why we created in 2019 to help make meaningful contributions to some of our world's most pressing social causes.

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Our causes & partners's primary goal is to use our resources to benefit our community and our planet across three areas of focus.

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Education is a pathway to opportunity. We’re investing in nonprofits that work to dismantle the systemic barriers holding people back from accessing the resources that lead to career opportunities and wealth building, especially in the technology sector.

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Even though adequate housing is a fundamental human right, there are still hundreds of thousands of Americans that are either unhoused or are on the verge of becoming unhoused. We’re investing in nonprofits that give resources to people experiencing houselessness or housing instability.

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We all depend on the earth for our survival. Environmental degradation disproportionately impacts communities of color, low-income community members, and people who are unhoused, so we are investing in organizations that are working towards regenerative environmental solutions.

We've taken the 1% Pledge to give financial support and employee time at the corporate level to organizations that improve the health of our communities and our planet.

Inspiring employee involvement

To make it as easy as possible for employees to give back to their communities, we've developed programs to encourage DarkLaunchers to get involved.

Every DarkLauncher has the opportunity to become a impact leader. Impact leaders help organize and host local volunteer efforts in their communities based around our three areas of focus: climate, education, and housing.

In addition to these programs, we donate $10 up to $400 annually for every hour DarkLaunchers spend volunteering for organizations of their choice.

WePledge 1%

In addition to our corporate pledge, we empower our employees to find and contribute to causes they are passionate about in their local communities. That's why we adopted WePledge 1% (WP1), to encourage employees to pledge 1 percent of their time, income, or combination of both to social causes and interests with which they have a personal connection.

Doubling down on charitable giving

Giving our time is only one way DarkLaunchers can support their communities. matches donations to nonprofits and non-government organizations dollar-for-dollar up to $400 annually. We also create campaigns around our employee resource groups to guide funds to causes closest to our team members. Icon